Gap Year & Volunteering

About Taking a Gap Year

Being unsure about the new step outside of high school is common among teenagers. Taking a Gap year is an option may students take to explore the world, embrace in new opportunities before commencing further study.

Youth Central Advice explains the options and benefits a gap year can provide for students, allowing yourself to make the most informed decision.

Taking a Gap year is an option all students have, deferring a TAFE or university course means to accept the offer to study but not begin right away. To defer a course would be to post-pone further study, allowing students a break and time to consider other options. Or for those students who don’t wish to study or unsure what to study, a Gap year can provide beneficial to explore the options and world within your own comfort and time. If you are unsure if a Gap Year is the right choice Reach Out Advice provides a students perspective.

Abroad programs are not only for students completing their studies, but offer volunteering abroad and traveling abroad. Going abroad explores the alternatives outside of your home state. Programs such as Go Abroad and Projects Abroad that helps students seek out alternative study options internationally. Go Abroad is also inclusive to high school education programs, completing the final years of high school internationally.

Year 13 – explore potential opportunities for a gap year, the large variety available to students to undertake. Year 13 allows the student to explore the options available to select what would be of most interest to them. Whether it where building constructing Thailand or working at a mentor summer camp in the US.

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